Performance Development Outlined

The focus of performance development is holistic; that is physiological, psychological, intellectual, emotional and spiritual. If these facets are strengthened and balanced your whole wellbeing and performance will improve. The objectives are: healing, health, happiness, emotional independence,transformational thinking,self-nurturing, growth, increased commitment and performance, leading to greater success and hopefully, eventually, contentment, joy and prosperity.

Performance foci are on development, enablement and less on retrospective measurement.

Why performance development matters?

To be healthy, happy, motivated and enabled for higher performance leads to:

Clearer perception and assessment of needs, opportunities, allies, resources, defined and worthy mission and means, leading to increased contribution and personal value.

Empowerment and enablement, to greater achievement, with a view to greater:- Success, satisfaction, sustainability and longevity. These give one a greater prospect of contentment, joy and prosperity in life.

The Correlation between performance and mental health

There exists a strong correlation between living a righteous life (life with integrity) pursuing worthy objectives, progressing and succeeding with worthy outcomes and satisfaction. Commitment to living with integrity, typically lead to better outcomes and better mental health, often, also, physiological, emotional and spiritual health too.

Resolution of Performance Issues with Honed Mental Health

Mental health is essential to addressing health and performance issues. Consequently, it is essential to identify and treat obstacles to health and performance. These obstacles are commonly, but not totally, internal concerning inputs to our thinking, emotions and our perception of them. They negatively influence us causing, misperception and “wrong thinking” (erroneous thinking and concepts) detrimental to our health, happiness and performance. This can be addressed in follow-up sessions.

Special Features of Performance Development?

Features involve:

  • Understanding one’s-self.
  • Understanding context, needs, opportunities, attraction, preparedness and serendipity.
  • Defining mission and means.
  • Understanding how perception influences thinking, emotions, health and performance.
  • Understanding our thinking processes and how they influence attitudes, emotions, health (the body’s chemistry and immune system) learning, relationships, support, intentions, plans, actions, performance, outcomes, success, and eventually one’s life and prosperity.

Positive Effects of Performance Development?

Positive effects of higher performance include:

  • The performance learning process:
  • Greater appreciations of failure and lessons to be learned from them leading to persistence to review, refine and try again. Failure is not a goal nor an activity stopper, merely a learning experience to be built on.
  • Success, verified by feedback, confirms strategy, approach, actions, etc., and builds confidence.
  • Improved perception, input filtering, assessment and intuition, expands experience and potential.
  • These lead to greater future experience, understanding, performance and success.
  • Understanding, not only the mission, but also the means to developing a performance culture in and organisational context.
  • Success (positive outcomes of effort) lead to positive feedback (inputs). This contributes to an upward (positive) spiral increasing: experience, motivation, commitment, confidence, effort, plans, actions and more success, establishing an upward trend, great satisfaction, mental health and joy.
  • Higher Accomplishment. Potentially, great recognition, respect and support from your colleagues, peers, competitors and family.
  • Great experience and track record of accomplishment can, potentially, lead to greater opportunity and access to resources and support.

Potential Beneficiaries of Performance Development

Beneficiaries: Any living person that can breathe and think.

  • Learners, pupils, students, workers, business people and owners, the handicapped, competitors, of all ages from about 11 years to late retirement.
  • Innovators, problem solvers, issue and conflict resolvers.
  • Negotiators, wheelers and dealers.
  • Those seeking better relationships, symbiosis and synergy, and results.
  • Seekers of truth, knowledge, wisdom, insight, and worthy purpose, justification for being alive on earth, taking up space and consuming resources.
  • Those that seek to play the game of life for all that they are worth and not just be a spectator. N.B. Spectators can’t score. Life doesn’t owe anyone a living. One should have a formal and favourable contract with life.
  • Seekers of integrity, worthy purpose in life, motivation, direction, a niche to fit in, contribution and satisfaction, harmony, happiness and joy.
  • Those seeking healing, health, peace, purpose, context, direction, serenity, satisfaction, prosperity, etc..
  • So, everyone.
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