Origins & Applications of MetaMind®

MetaMind® is a programme of: psychological services, including, psychotherapy, psychological training and mentoring, for holistic Mind re-programming which usurps CBT, intended to aid individuals to improve their: thinking, attitudes, perspective, health and wellness (treatment of depression, stress management) happiness and performance with a view to, not only surviving, but also thriving, “The Quickening”. The Quickening being the continually increasing: demands, challenges, changes, complexities and uncertainties of life. The objects are to reduce stress whilst increasing: health, wellness, happiness, performance, success and hopefully prosperity.

MetaMind® is a registered Trade Mark of Dr Michael Fullam-Stone. MetaMind®, and is a programme with its seed first sewn during his teacher training in the UK.

An image manifesting our location in in the land down under, Australia.

The Spark was fully Ignited while teaching at the University of New England, Michael studied Alpha Dynamics and applied it to overcome arthritis, specifically, Defuse Idiopathic Skeletal Hyperostosis (DISH) and Bursitis, which he had suffered from for 20 years. The result was so successful and enduring, that Michael saw the opportunity to apply it to raising performance, whilst reducing human stress, in the workplace. He then coined the term MetaMind®, meaning with and beyond the mind. Then commenced doctoral research at Deacon University. Since then, the programme and teaching material have evolved in scope, content and application.

On meeting the British author of a book on the drug treatment of depression and their side effects, Michael expanded his loci of application to more health issues.

MetaMind® Programme Methodology

MetaMind® is a philosophical and psychological concept and a means to MIND development, to enable improvements in holistic (physiological, psychological, emotional and intellectual) health.

Michael teaches that of these four facets as the four pillars of support, like legs of a table. If one pillar (leg) is weak, holistic strength and stability are compromised. Consequently, holistic health, necessary for high performance, necessitates all four facets (like legs of a table) that are strengthened and optimised. MetaMind® focuses on strengthening all four facets, for holistic health.

This is achieved through editing the mind (OS code) whilst exploiting altered states of consciousness. However, it should be appreciated that this is not a single event, but requires repetition.

MetaMind® Training can be general, or specific to a particular need. I consider the best approach is to undergo generic training which can then be applied as you wish to serve specific needs, for example health or performance.

Conditions to Which the Methodology May be Applied for Benefit

N.B. Benefits derived depend on both the method and its application, including your belief and practice. It can be applied to treat physical conditions with a significant autoimmune contributory factor, such as some forms of arthritis. Health Issues and Conditions Which May Benefit Guided or Self-Treatment:
  • Insomnia, tension, anxiety, stress, depression, grief, procrastination, trauma, obsessions,

    Low: concentrations, self-esteem, self-confidence, stage fright, etc.
An image manifesting our location in in the land down under, Australia.

Performance Activities Which May Benefit from Self-Treatment and Productivity

  • Thinking and attitude development (Self-Improvement or Change).
  • Learning and recall (memory) accelerated or meta-learning, study skills and examination technique.
  • Thinking Styles including, analysis, advanced goal setting and accomplishment.
  • Overcoming barriers and procrastination, breaking barriers and mindset constraints, setting new presidents and raising performance.
  • Focus, concentration, dedication, application, persistence, resilience, single mindedness and self-control.
  • Perceptions, visualisation, innovation, problems solving, issue and conflict resolution.
  • Communications, relationships, empathy, recognising symbiosis, co-operation, collaboration and synergy.
  • Competition for business, grants, careers, sports, new records, etc. and much more.
You might first think that all the above are minimal, but if all your efforts achieve 99% compared to the competition, or failure, you only need 1% plus to be a winner and to succeed. Many situations, such as job interviews, submissions, persuasion, etc., are “razor’s edge situations” in which a little extra belief and effort wins approval.

The Applied Gear Analogy / Mindset Shift Affect

Personal computers mostly have one cpu clock rate speed, but the brain has infinitely variable speeds, not just overall, because that is aggregated but also in different zones. You’ll learn to alter your state of consciousness to optimise brain frequency (speed) that best suit your primary activity at the time. I make the analogy: If you have been driving a car all your life in first gear, and then discover it has six speeds, and a reverse, this will greatly empower you to increase efficiency and effectiveness. Similarly, with controlling brain frequency (speed) to best suit function, e.g., for learning, recall and healing.

Significance of Colours in the Logo

There are 8 Colours of light that are significant. Actually, 7 colours of the rainbow, but when combined, they produce white (no. 8):  The 8 colours fall into 2 groups, as below. Four therapy colours and 4 colours representing desired rewards. The 4 therapy colours are incorporated into the logo, a dynamic ying and yang type symbol.

Therapeutic colours are

Plains of Existence

Colour Red Orange Yellow White (Combined)
Represents Physical Emotional Intellectual Spiritual

Reward for Attainment colours are

Colour Green Blue Violet Purple
Represents Rewards Peace Love Sincerity Harmony with all Aspiration


Examples of Experience

Sample of, Mostly Pro Bono, Workshops Provided

Workshops have been provided to:

Several programmes each for Australian Science Festival, the Institution of Engineers, Australia (now Engineers Australia) Australian Quarantine Inspection Service (Fed. Govt.) Bulk Water Alliance, that constructed $600mil. worth of dams and waterworks for the ACT Govt., known as the Cotter Dam, for the ACT Govt., and AECOM.

Also: Oxfam, YWCA for long term unemployed youth,

Cancer Council, Arthritis Australia, Diabetes Australia, OAC-UNE, Deakin University Post-graduate Conference, other international conferences held at UTS, the University of NSW, University of Sydney,

Royal Saudi diplomatic mission group in the ACT,

A large family business group in Valles, S.L.P. Mexico, Men’s Shed,

Prostate Cancer Support Group, ACT,

St Christopher’s Cathedral and St Peter Channel’s Parish community group.

A sketch of Dr Michael.

Credentials of Dr Michael Fullam-Stone, Principal

Michael studied at 10 universities in the UK, AU and the US. As an academic he lectured in over 30 subjects, in technology, business and psychology, at 5 universities in the UK and AU, and delivered poster workshops at international conferences held at 5 universities. He undertook doctoral research at the Deakin University, lost his supervising professor, and to retain his IP, found it necessary to transfer to Honolulu.

Relevant and Related Credential

  • Technical Teacher’s Certificate, Manchester.
  • Master’s degree, Construction Management and Economics, Aston.
  • PhD, Human Performance Development Psychology, Honolulu.
  • Former: Chartered Member, Australian Human Resources Institute.
  • ACT Govt. Working With Vulnerable People (WWVP) Registration expires in 28-09-2027
Pen and ink drawing by Dr Michael.

Dr Michael’s Other Public Interests

  • Lobbying Government on:
    • Climate, environment, energy innovation and energy security,
    • Human rights, inc., OH&S.
    • Wild life conservation.
  • Cancer diagnosis and screening to facilitate early access to timely and appropriate intervention.
  • Innovations.
  • Education.
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