What is Performance Training?

In the context of MetaMind®, Performance Training or performance coaching is simply applying the broad scope of MetaMind® to improving both health and performance, whether that be study performance, examination performance, career performance or sports and leisure performance. It is not like having a daily sports or life coach, but more about continuing practice, keeping in touch, potentially some follow up sessions, raising questions that might arise and seeking mentoring. Previously, one client sought one session per month to maintain and improve practice and results.

Continual Development in Workplaces

When the MetaMind® Programme is introduced and delivered by way of  a key note presentation, in an organizational context, rather than participants being hyped up by a presentation which is then not followed up, I recommend setting up a one hour per month Success Workshop, to promote, encourage, maintain and improve practice and results. Also, to supplement and expand both scope and training. This increases effectiveness and therefore value. The workshop can be facilitated by in-house personnel (group leader) or myself.

In an organisational context, I propose using it as a means to slowly transform the culture to a “eupsychian” culture more conducive to innovation, integrity (ethical standards) problem solving, responsible practice and accountability, stress reduction and high performance.

When is Performance Training Most Needed?

Performance Training, or the continuing applications of MetaMind® is most needed in the following circumstances:

  • In environments demanding technological, managerial and product innovation, such as engineering, defence R&D, highly competitive sales and contracting environments.
  • High stress and demanding environments, such as senator’s and MP’s offices.
  • Where there are high staff attrition rates or turnover, such as agecare, commercial kitchens, contractor use, healthcare, education, etc.
  • Activities involving: bespoke work, design, innovations, problems, issues, conflicts, disputes, interruption, negotiation, industrial action, negligence claims, D&C, medical, etc.
  • In competitive environments, sports or business.
  • In education and study (high schools and universities) or when seeking career progression. Where student attrition rates are high and where battlers struggle.
  • In dynamic and changing environments, such as farm business adapting to climate change. In energy companies transitioning from fossil fuels to renewables. In the motor industry where manufacturers are transitioning from ICE (fossil fuel engines) to ZEE (zero emission engines).
  • In adversity, disaster recovery or crisis, e.g., drought, fire, flood, accident, or crime, where trauma has been experienced, and / or where the operating environment has changed, e.g., when defence personnel are returned to civilian life.

MetaMind® Training Techniques

  1. Breathing, Meditation and Relaxation Techniques to Alter States of Consciousness.
  2. Sleep Techniques.
  3. Screen of the Mind.
  4. Workshop of the Mind.
  5. Workshops Assistant or Guardian.
  6. Vestibule of Light.
  7. Clinic of the Mind.
  8. Black / Dark Room.
  9. SWAT Analysis.
  10. Pseudo or Virtual Experience.
  11. Haven (or Garden) of Peace.
  12. Temple or Chapel of Forgiveness.
  13. Time Tunnel.
  14. Nirvana Technique.
  15. Study Skills.
  16. Examination Techniques.
  17. Personal Activity Recording System.

The Benefits of Performance Training

  1. Improved perception, analysis, understanding, skills and confidence.
  2. Clearer understanding of context (where you are, where you want to be) and the means to journey there.
  3. Clear conscious decision and commitment to live on ‘Success Street’ rather than a subconscious acceptance of living on ‘Failure or Struggle Street’.
  4. Higher integrity.
  5. Increased desire to seek and share truth, wisdom, insight and knowledge.
  6. Improved ability to meditate, relax, heal and re-energise.
  7. Improved calm and emotional control.
  8. Improved physical and mental health.
  9. Improved learning and memory skills for both input and recall.
  10. Improved: perception, understanding, relationships, innovation, problems solving, issue and conflict resolution.
  11. Enablement and empowerment.
  12. Improved performance in both normal and adverse environments.
  13. Improved competitiveness.
  14. Higher success rate.
  15. Increased hope of, and means to, achieve joy and prosperity.

Performance Training Follow Up, Support and Mentoring

The MetaMind® method and approach is a transformational lifestyle, change which can be used as a means to health, happiness, success, joy and prosperity. One session of therapy, may relieve a small issue, but it is only smelling the coffee, not drinking it.

To take advantage of greater potential of the method, progress and fulfillment of your aspirations will require persistence and regular applications.

The Role of a Psychological Performance Trainer / Guide

The role of the therapist / trainer is to counsel, educate, train, skill, enlighten, motivate, encourage, guide, treat, steward, mentor, enable, empower, etc., clients to heal, energise, and better cope with adversity and The Quickening (the challenges of life) with better skills and confidence to be healthier, happier, more successful and hopefully, eventually greater prosperous and joy in life.

Issues that can be Address with Performance Training?

Besides the many stated health issues, including, low energy, insomnia, low self-confidence, low-self-esteem, anxiety, grief, frustration, procrastination, stress, depression, guilt, anger, training also enables:

  • Clarity of aspiration, providing: direction, motivation, means, health, energy and happiness, even joy in life.
  • Better coping with (surviving and thriving) “The Quickening”, life’s adversities, demands, challenges and opportunities.
  • Empowerment and enablement by knowledge, insight, tools and wisdom to meet life’s increasing challenges, and uncertainties and to ask for and obtain more from life. Negotiate and agree (with the universe or your Creator, your God) within the immutable laws of the universe, a more favourable contract, for life. Simply, if you seek benefit, what will you contribute.
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