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Mission Statement

MetaMind®’s Mission is to; seek, research, develop, and share knowledge, wisdom and insight to psychologically enable people to, not only into survive, but also thrive “The Quickening”. The Quickening being the continually increasing pace and demands of life, of: change, challenge, complexity, competition, uncertainty, etc., with less stress, and greater, health, happiness, success and prosperity.

MetaMind® achieves this by providing; psychological services comprising: psychological counselling, psychotherapy, psychological training, performance coaching and mentoring, and training in Woden Valley,Canberra,Sydney: thinking and attitude transformation, accelerated learning, memory skills, study and examination skills, etc., to improve, or rather transform: thinking, mental health, wellness, performance, success and prosperity for life.

Typical Situations - the Status Quo

One’s thinking, attitude and emotions affect each other, but also one’s own frequency of vibration, chemistry immune system, physical health, happiness, performance, success and prosperity in life. Yet in formal education and preparation for life we are not taught “Thinking 101” or “Success Skills”. Instead, we learn to think in an unstructured and random way, incidentally as a biproduct of unrelated subjects like history, or mathematics and societal rule adherence. Were we to learn to think first, we would be enabled to learn other subjects and life skills more efficiently and effectively to our advantage.

This omission can be corrected by psychological training and mentoring to improve, or rather transform: our thinking for health, happiness, performance, success and prosperity in life. These are life skills, rarely taught in formal education, we are taught to conform to societal norms.

First, please consider your MIND, the software (program or code) that operates, not only on your cpu (brain) but your whole body too. Learn to take full control of your mind and how to use it more productively.

Your MIND evolves from good and bad life experiences. If an object is sufficiently hot to burn, we learn not to touch. So, the stronger the pain and emotion, the stronger the lesson.

The MIND, like a computer code, can be edited to: enhance health, happiness, performance and success. The MetaMind® Programme will teach you how.

Primary Quotations


2% think, 3% think that they think, and 95% would rather die than think.

-- Attributed to: George Bernard Shaw, Ken MacFarland, Bob Proctor.

I interpret this to mean: 2% think in a manner that enables health, success and prosperity, 3% aspire to accomplish this, whilst 95% don’t realise that their compromised thinking compromises their health, happiness, performance and prosperity in life.

-- George Bernard Shaw
About Belief:

“If you think you can, or you think you can’t, you are right.”

-- Henry Ford

“What the mind can conceive and believe, it can achieve.” Napoleon Hill,
who research the secrets to success.

-- Napoleon Hill

“The mind can make a heaven out of hell or a hell out of heaven”. John Milton.
(Poet,9-12-1608 to 8-11-1674)

-- John Milton
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So, Learn to Think more Effectively, it’s not too late. Learn how to improve your: Health, Happiness, Performance, Success and Prosperity in life. The MetaMind® Programme, was developed to teach you how. Dr Michael’s Psychological counselling, psychotherapy and training can enable you to understand and prioritise your needs, aspirations and means to greater mental and physical health, happiness and prosperity. MetaMind®‘s psychological services, treatment, mind power training, techniques and cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) can aid you to focus, and enable you to:

  • Relax, heal and re-energise.
  • Dissipate and manage stress, happiness, overcome anxiety, grief, trauma, inertia and procrastination.
  • Accelerate leaning, enhance memory, study and examination skills.
  • Create, innovate, solve problems, resolve issues and conflicts, set and accomplishing higher goals.
  • Find and define your vocation, your mission or special purpose in life. It can be both your compass and motivation.
  • Seek: wisdom, insight, opportunities, resources, allies and success leading to prosperity.

Learn How Now. It’s not too late. Aspire to the top 2% and work towards it, I, Dr Michael, will strive to enable you. Seek Knowledge, Wisdom, Health and Happiness.  Don’t settle for less.

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